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Help Desk PATV  -  helpdeskpatv@gmail.com

1. Getting Help:

Please contact our Help Desk using one of the following methods:

Jason Helpdesk PoolActionTV Walton  (fastest)

Email - helpdeskpatv@gmail.com


 2. Where is my Password to watch the LIVE show?

After your payment is confirmed, you can login through the Pay-Per-View Login button on the Home Page. You use the same user name and password as when you purchased.

Pay-Per-View-Login>login>Launch Player button.

If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it by clicking the "forgot userrname or password" link on the login page, or by clicking here: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/content?id=11198

Just enter your email address and then click continue and it will be sent to your email address, be sure to check your spam or trash folder just incase.


 3. Web Browsers:

We recommend Chrome browser. Chrome will give the best viewing experience overall for most viewers. If you are using Apple's Safari or the Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer browser from Windows 7/8 or 10, we recommend Chrome for a more enjoyable and smoother experience.


Chrome can be downloaded here:



 4. Bandwidth Speed Test:

As the quality of streams in the U.S. continues to improve, bandwidth needs continue to rise to enjoy these higher quality shows. Test your speed here. Dedicated internet connection should be minimum of 1.5mb/sec or higher to enjoy smooth viewing. (recommended).

Click the green "Begin Test" button on this page to test your speed.



 6. Troubleshooting:

Follow these troubleshooting tips if you are having issues viewing the LIVE stream: 1. Reset your Modem or Router first, Unplug the power of the device for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. 2. Restart your computer/tablet/Phone and then relogin and click the Launch Player button.
If you are using specific devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV etc please contact the Helpdesk Directly for more indepth Help to quickly solve any issues.










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